Clan Drachenstalker

The Clan DrachenStalker was founded by Talon Darius Drachenstalker to bring peace to all the known universe. First this was to be brought about by finding the darkness and stopping it or converting it to the light but when Talon came to Rhydin he found somethign that changed the way he thought forever. Talon found that there cannot be light without dark and vice versa. So Talon changed the way the CDS worked and the familly of the CDS became a neutral guild for as talon found out ~^The Balance Must Be Kept^~

Alliances of the CDS

Darkness of Death


Rhydin Peoples Movement

Crimson Eyes of Rhydin

Lil Qu'ellar D'Ssinssrigg


Harbringers of Silent Death


Twilight Dwellers of Rhydin

Bad To The Bone

Alchemy Masters of Rhydin

Fatal La Blood

Fallen Angels of Sin

Angels of Death

House EverHate

House Blood

Ladies of Eternal Darkness


Leaders of the CDS

Sir Darius DarkMyst

Grand Commander

Talon Darius Drachenstalker Founder/Advisor






Original members of the CDS-

Now and forever the CDS shall remain a force for Balance in this universe.

To gain an application or to mail the GC of the CDS just click on the sword above or send mail to Sir Darius DarkMyst (

CDS Quote

-^IN the shadows lies the secret fears of men. The beasts that plauge the nightmares of all beings. In the light there is hope and goals, peace and prosperity. Yet one cannot survive without the other for with the darkness comes the light. That is why there is a middle keep the balance and make sure that neither side grows to strong. We are that middle ground, that little known gray area. We are the CDS, the last line of defence. THE BALANCE MUST BE KEPT^-



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